6 Important questions to ask when choosing a club team

6 Important questions to ask when choosing a club team

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6 Important questions to ask when choosing a club team

With so many clubs evolving….

and so much movement of players from club team to club team. I wanted to put together a list together of what I think the important factors are to think about when choosing a club team.

It is important to do your homework. Along with asking other players and parents their opinions (sometimes they can be biased but could also have some good insight), you should also go directly to the source.

Touching base with the club directors and asking some important questions will be very important in deciding what’s best for your daughter and family. Let’s be honest- club is a major financial investment and should be an avenue to grow as a player and person. Doing your homework is 🔑!!

1- Ask about the coaches

This is very important to know. Some questions to ask… “will we have the same coach the entire season”

“Do we have an assistant coach”

“Does the coach stay with us as we move up each year”

It is also good to have an idea of the coaching styles and philosophies. 

Increasing your lacrosse skill, and IQ are important factors. Do they push you to be a student of the game?  Do you take time to reflect personally and as a team in order to keep getting better? 

Having really great coaches and mentors are a top priority. They need to be with you the entire year in order to grow and develop. Are they good people who care about your development as a person?  

The quote “a player doesn’t care what you know until they know you care about them” Coach k.

Is a great starting point when deciding what to do!

2- Club Culture

Culture can mean many different things to many different people,  It is important to get an idea of the club values and mission. Does the program develop leadership skills?  Do they invest in every single player?  Do they care about you as a person?  

Having fun, creating good team chemistry , and playing for your teammates should be high priority. 

If you notice an issue on the team or “‘mean girls” don’t be afraid to speak up. It should be a priority to develop a culture where players feel safe, and they are allowed to come to coaches with concerns. 

3-High quality Player / Personal development

It is important to notice what type of coaching is emphasized.  Is it positive? Do they care about building confidence?  Growing as a person should be one of the main goals as a club. 

Skill development - do you just scrimmage at every practice or is there skill development sessions?

Do they offer more individualized skills throughout the season or is it all game play. What are the coaches saying? How are they communicating?  Are they providing feedback?

Remember we are trying to develop confident articulate female athletes. They need to have feedback, they need mentors, they need a positive environment to grow and develop in. 

4-Price and Offerings

Find out what the price includes?  Do they offer sibling discounts?  What about loyalty discounts?What other areas do you get?

Strength and conditioning? Leadership development? Showcase entry?  

All these are important questions to factor in.  It is important to figure out what exactly you are paying for!

5-Recruiting education

Find out what recruiting looks like. This is a huge area. 

Do they help both a and b teams?

What does it cover? A group session? Email help? Individual help?

What is your plan for each age group and timeline?

Although it is important to be an advocate for yourself- club coaches should help pave an avenue for their players. A lot of work needs to be done on your end- however it is important what they provide some assistance.

6- Roster size/ Playing time philosophy

Each program should develop guidelines for playing time and roster size so families know what to expect. When expectations aren’t meant or aren’t communicated problems may arise. 

If the rosters are too big players need to know what they are getting into. 

These 6 questions are a good starting point when deciding what’s best for your daughter and family. Remember this is a very personalized system and you can’t worry about what friends are doing. You have to do what’s best for you!  Don’t get pressured into deciding what club. If anyone pressures you at this young of an age is that the type of club or person you want to play for??

Think it through and make the best educated decision you can. 

When things aren’t going the way you want it. Communicate!  That way you can find a solution and move forward. If your club has a good pulse on their players and coaches they will always do what’s best and by communicating issues many times you can help the program grow stronger!

For more information on more individualized recruiting, club, player development programs please reach out!  I offer individualized systems and education that serve to mentor and teach players and families how to do it the right way!

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